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Table 2 Overview of assessment instruments and assessment schedule in the treatment and follow-up phases

From: Implementation of an intensive short-term dynamic treatment program for patients with treatment-resistant disorders in residential care

  T1 T01-08 T2 T3 T4
Clinical and diagnostic interviews      
MINI 5.0, Axis I diagnoses (symptom disorders) X   X   X
SCID-II, Axis II diagnoses (personality disorders) X   X   X
The affect consciousness interview (ACI) X   X   X
Background information      
Historical background and previous treatments X    X X
Use of medications X   X X X
Work, education, and financial situation X    X X
Symptom check List 90- R, SCL-90-R X X X X X
Outcome questionnaire- 45, OQ-45 X X X X X
Interpersonal functioning      
The inventory of interpersonal problems-64 (IIP-64) X X X X X
Therapeutic alliance      
Working alliance inventory-short patient (WAI-S-P) X X X   
  1. Note. T1 = pre treatment, T01-08 = sessions 1 through eight during treatment, T2 = termination, T3 = 6 months post treatment, T4 = 12 months post treatment.