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Table 1 Items of the 4DSQ anxiety scale, mean item scores for the total sample (n = 969) a

From: To what extent does the anxiety scale of the Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire (4DSQ) detect specific types of anxiety disorder in primary care? A psychometric study

Item # Item description Mean item score
  During the past week, −  
21 - Did you suffer from a vague feeling of fear? 1.04
27 - Did you feel frightened? 0.91
18 - Did you suffer from sudden fright for no reason? 0.73
44 - Were you afraid of becoming embarrassed when with other people? 0.71
24 - Did you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? 0.64
42 - Were you afraid of anything when there was really no need for you to be afraid? (for instance animals, heights, small rooms) 0.52
23 - Did you suffer from trembling when with other people 0.50
50 - Did you have to repeat some actions a number of times before you could do something else? 0.44
40 - Did you have any fear of going out of the house alone? 0.42
45 - Did you ever feel as if you were being threatened by unknown danger? 0.39
49 - Did you have to avoid certain places because they frightened you? 0.36
43 - Were you afraid to travel on buses, streetcars/trams, subways or trains? 0.33
  1. aResponse options: no (code 0), sometimes (code 1), regularly (code 2), often (code 2), very often or constantly (code 2).