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Table 1 Items used for classification in NPA’s suicide statistics, 2010

From: Gender differences in suicide attempters: a retrospective study of precipitating factors for suicide attempts at a critical emergency unit in Japan

Major category Sub-classification
Family problems Parent–child relations, marital relations, relations with other family members, death in the family, pessimism over family’s future, scolding from family members, worries about parenting, abuse, exhaustion from nursing or care, others
Health problems Disease, depression, schizophrenia, alcohol dependence, drug abuse, other mental disorders, physical handicaps, others
Financial problems Bankruptcy, business slump, redundancy, failure to find employment, poverty, debts (accumulated loans), debts (joint liability), debts (others), repayment pressure from creditors, insurance paid by suicide, others
Work problems Failure in business, workplace relationship, unwanted transfer, work overload, others
Love problems Marriage problems, broken heart, worries about adultery, trouble with boyfriend or girlfriend, others
School problems Entrance examinations, career decisions, academic failure, relationship with teachers, bullying, relationship with schoolmates, others
Other problems Having ones’ crime revealed, crime victim, suicide over someone’s death, loneliness, relationship with neighbors, others