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Table 1 Mind Balance: description of module content

From: Internet-delivered treatment: its potential as a low-intensity community intervention for adults with symptoms of depression: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Module name Brief description
Getting Started Outlines the basic premise of CBT, some information about depression, and introduces some of the key ideas of Mind Balance. Users are encouraged to begin to chart their own current difficulties with depression.
Tune In I: Getting to Grips with Mood The focus in this module is on mood monitoring and emotional literacy. Users can explore different aspects of emotions, physical reactions, action and inaction, and how they are related.
Tune in II: Spotting Thoughts This module focuses on noting and tracking thoughts. Users can explore the connection between their cognitions and their mood, and record them graphically.
Change It I: Boosting Behaviour This module focuses on behavioural change as a way to improve mood. Ideas about behavioural activation are included, and users can plan and record activities, and chart their relationship with their mood.
Change It II: Challenge Your Thoughts This module supports users to challenge distorted or overly negative thinking patterns, with thought records, as well as helpful coping thoughts
Change It III: Core Beliefs This module outlines the role that deeply-held core beliefs can play in mood and depression. Users can use a range of interactive activities to identify, challenge and balance any unhelpful core beliefs.
Bringing It All Together In this final module, users are encouraged to bring together all the skills and ideas they have gathered so far, note their personal warning signs, and make a plan for staying well.