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Table 1 Overview of outcome measurements

From: Evaluating the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of web-based indicated prevention of major depression: design of a randomised controlled trial

   Time of measurement
Instrument Aim T0 (Baseline) T1 (Post-test, 6 weeks) T2 (6-month follow-up) T3 (12-month follow-up)
Other questions Socio-demographics x    
SCID (DSM-IV section for mood disorders) Diagnostic interview x   x x
CES-D Depressive symptom severity x x x x
EuroQol Quality of life x x x x
SF-12 Subjective functioning/Quality of life x x x x
TiC-P Health care service utilisation and productivity losses x   x x
HADS-A Anxiety symptoms x x x x
SPSI-R Problem-solving skills x x x x
BADS-SF Behavioural activation x x x x
Pearlin Mastery Scale Internal locus of control x x x x
PSWQ (Ultra-brief) Worrying thoughts x x x x
ISI Insomnia Severity x x x x
CEQ Patient expectancy/treatment credibility x x   
ATSPPH-SF Attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help x x x x
Course evaluation Participants’ satisfaction with the GET.ON Mood Enhancer Prevention training   x   
INEP Side-effects of psychotherapy   x x