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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of the sample (n = 65)

From: Validation of the Kirundi versions of brief self-rating scales for common mental disorders among children in Burundi

Sex Male % or number
  Female 45%
Class 4th class 83%
5th class 17%
Mean age   12.8 (SD 1.3)
Father has died   26%
Mother has died   14%
Number of siblings that are alive   4.2 (SD 1.9)
Number of siblings that have died   1.8 (SD 2.2)
Children with at least one deceased sibling   60%
Having witnessed relatives been killed   32%
Having witnessed unknown people been killed   46%
Family situation Lives with both parents 51%
Lives with one parent 40%
  Does not live with parents 9%
Has been displaced   92%
House has been burnt   69%