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Table 1 ICD-10 codes identified to correlate with moderate or high lethality events

From: Risk stratification using data from electronic medical records better predicts suicide risks than clinician assessments

  ICD-10 codes Diagnosis
Moderate lethality
  F04 Organic amnesic syndrome
  F05.0, F05.8, F05.9 Delirium
  F10.0, F10.6, F11.x-F16.x, F18.x, F19.x Mental disorders due to alcohol and drugs
  F63.1, F63.2 Pyromania and kleptomania
  S00.x, S01.x, S02.2-S02.6, S03.0, S10.0-S10.8, S11.x, T00.3-T00.9, W25, W26, Y28, Y29 Superficial injuries
  T40.7-T40.9, T42.4, T42.8, T43.2, T43.5, T44.2-T44.5, T44.9, T45.0, T45.1, T51.x, T52.1-T52.4, T52.9, T53.1-T53.9, T60.8, T60.9, T62.0, T62.1, T65.3, Y10, Y11, Y13-Y19   Poisoning, moderate severity
  X60, X61, X65, X78, X79, X83, X84, Y87.0 Intentional self-harm, not life-threatening
  Y33, Y34, Y86 Event of undetermined intent
  Y90.1-Y90.4, Y91.0-Y91.2, Y91.9 High alcohol level in blood
  Z91.5 Personal history of self-harm
High lethality
  S02.0, S02.1, S02.7-S02.9, S06.x-S09.x, S12.x, S13.0-S13.4, S17.x-S19.x, S21.1, S21.8, S21.9 Severe injuries
  T40.0-T40.6, T42.3, T42.5-T42.7, T43.1, T43.1, T43.3, T43.4, T43.6-T43.9, T44.0, T44.1, T44.8, T46.x, T51.3, T52.0, T52.8, T53.0, T54.x, T56.1, T57.3, T58, T59.2, T59.4, T59.5, T60.4, T65.0, T65.1 Severe poisoning
  T71 Asphyxiation
  T73.2 Exhaustion due to exposure
  T75.1, W65-W74 Drowning and nonfatal submersion
  T75.4 Effects of electric current
  X62-X64, X66-X77, X80-X82 Intentional self-harm and self-poisoning
  Y12, Y20-Y27, Y30-Y32 Event of undetermined intent
  Y90.5-Y90.8, Y91.3 Very high alcohol level in blood