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Table 4 Factors which could influence the patients' estimates of their sleep quality and/or alertness in the daytime. Only statistically significant (p < 0.05 or p < 0.01 marked by asterisks) correlation coefficients are displayed.

From: Subjective and objective evaluation of alertness and sleep quality in depressed patients

  Sleep latency Sleep stage 1 (%) Sleep stage 2 (%) Sleep st.3+4 (%) REM sleep (%) Sleep efficacy Total sleep time Sleep stage 0–2 (visual an.) Alpha amplitude (spectrum an.)
         mean trend mean trend
Age     -.46        
Coffee (>2 cups/day)            
Smoking (>10 cig./day)            
Alcohol (>0.5 l wine or >0.1 l distilate/week)   .47     .46      
Hypnotics (>3 times/week)           -.68*  
Sedatives (>3 times/week)            
Antidepressants (daily)            
Unexpected event last week       -.54*      
Too active going to bed            
Disturbed by the examination            
Beck: score for depression            
Beck: score for anxiety .54*      -.65*     .55* -.65*