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Table 2 Recent month drug abuse in patient group (number of patients)

From: Cognitive function during early abstinence from opioid dependence: a comparison to age, gender, and verbal intelligence matched controls

  Main opioid abused
  Buprenorphine 10 Heroin 5
Opioid only   1
   Opioid with occasional benzodiazepine 3  
   Opioid with frequent benzodiazepine 6 2
   Opioid with frequent benzodiazepine and occasional cannabis   1
Opioid use with benzodiazepines   
Opioid with frequent cannabis without other substances of abuse 1 1
  1. Note: Occasional = five to ten days of abuse. Frequent = more than ten days of abuse. All who had abused mainly heroin within recent month did it were intravenously. All but two abused buprenorphine intravenously.