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Table 1 Outcome measures of the ASAP study

From: The Amsterdam Studies of Acute Psychiatry I (ASAP-I); A prospective cohort study of determinants and outcome of coercive versus voluntary treatment interventions in a metropolitan area

Measure Wave
  1t0 2t0 3t1 4t2 5t2
ASR; section social support   X X X  
BES   X X X  
FFPI ; impulsiveness, vulnerability and anger/hostility scales   X   X  
LTE-Q   X X X  
Morisky   X X X  
MHP-P; section friends and family relations   X X X  
NEO-PI-R   X   X  
NPV   X    
SAI   X X X  
SES   X X X  
SPI X     X
UCL   X    
VSSN   X X X  
VSSS; European version   X X X  
VSSS-family   X X X  
Contact between patient and mental health care system   X X X  
Contact between support system and mental health care system   X X X  
Date of first mental health care subscription X X    
Demographic information (Date of birth, gender, ethnicity) X X X X  
Domestic situation X X X X X
DSM IV criteria including GAF score X     X
Extent of mastering the Dutch language X     
Information about preceding compulsory admissions   X X X  
Intervention at completion of the consultation X     
Mental health care services used in the preceding year    X   X
Number of friends/family present at crisis consultation X     
Number, frequency and place of treatment sessions during the three months preceding the consultation X     
Size of current social support system X     X
Socio-Economic Status   X X X