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Table 1 Searches in bibliographical databases: searchstrings and hits a)

From: Psychological treatment of depression: A meta-analytic database of randomized studies

Database Search string Number of abstracts
PUBMED (behavior therapy OR biofeedback OR cognitive analytic therapy OR cognitive behavior therapy OR counseling OR family therapy OR marital therapy OR psychoanalytic therapy OR psychotherapy OR relaxation therapy) AND (Depression OR depressive) Limits: Randomized Controlled Trial, Humans Since 2006: Limits: All Adult (19+ years) 1,244
PSYCINFO (depression or depressive) and (FC:PSYI = CLINICAL-TRIAL) and (PY:PSYI = 1995–2005) 1,736
EMBASE psychotherapy AND Depression AND random* 1,911
COCHRANE b)c) (Behavior-therapy OR Biofeedback OR Cognitive analytic therapy OR Cognitive behavior therapy OR Cognitive-behavior-therapy OR Cognitive behaviour therapy OR Counselling OR Counseling OR Family therapy OR Marital therapy OR Psychoanalytic therapy OR Psychoanalysis OR Psychotherapy OR Relaxation therapy) AND (depression OR depressive) 2,056
  TOTAL 6,947
  1. a) All searches were conducted until May 25, 2007
  2. b) Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials
  3. c) all search terms were conducted in "all Fields in all products"