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Table 1 Nature and frequency of the presenting complaints

From: Understanding the explanatory model of the patient on their medically unexplained symptoms and its implication on treatment development research: a Sri Lanka Study

Presenting complaint Number of patients (%)
Low backache 37(54%)
Chest pain (including back of the chest) 27(40%)
Pain in the limbs 26(38%)
Abdominal pain (including lower abdominal pain) 15 (22%)
Headache 23(34%)
Pain in the joints 21(31%)
Numbness in various body parts 20(29%)
Fatigue 19(28%)
Bloating of the abdomen (puffiness) 14(21%)
Faintish feeling 9(13%)
Loss of appetite 7(10%)
Burning sensation over various body parts 8(12%)
Sleep disturbance 5(7%)
Pain along the spine 3(4%)
Pain in other parts of the body not listed above 26(38%)