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Table 11 Characteristics and quality of studies included in interventions domain: Compliance therapy

From: A systematic review of the international published literature relating to quality of institutional care for people with longer term mental health problems

Study (Country) Type(s) of Mental Illness Number of Participants Type of Study
(Type of Setting)
Quality Assessment
Eckman et al. 1990 (USA) Schizophrenia 160 patients
unknown number of staff
Case-control study (inpatient, outpatient and community residential settings) 10/14
Eckman et al. 1992 (USA) Schizophrenia 41 RCT (inpatient and outpatient settings) 11/14
Kemp et al. 1998 (UK) Majority schizophrenia 74 RCT (inpatient setting) 10/14
Kuipers et al. 1994 (USA) Chronically mental illness 60 RCT (hospital setting) 10/14
McIntosh et al. 2006 (UK) Schizophrenia or related severe mental disorders 56 Systematic review & meta-analysis (1 study) (setting not specified) 12/14
Seltzer et al. 1980 (Canada) Majority schizophrenia 67 RCT (psychiatric institute) 9/14
Streicker et al. 1986 (USA) Majority schizophrenia 75 Case-control study (psychosocial rehabilitation agency) 9/14