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Table 18 Characteristics and quality of studies included in autonomy and service user involvement domain

From: A systematic review of the international published literature relating to quality of institutional care for people with longer term mental health problems

Study (Country) Type(s) of Mental Illness Number of Participants Type of Study
(Type of Setting)
Quality Assessment
Ahuja & Williams 2005 (UK) Not specified Not specified Descriptive review (setting not specified) 4/14
Lewis 1995 (USA) Severe mental illness Not applicable Descriptive reivew (nursing home) 5/14
Linhorst & Eckert 2002 (USA) Mostly schizophrenia Not specified Descriptive review (psychiatric hospital) 4/14
Linhorst et al. 2005 (USA) Severe mental illness Not applicable Qualitative study (psychiatric hospital) 2/5
Simpson & House 2002 (UK) Not specified 3796 Systematic review (13 studies) (setting not specified) 13/14
Timko et al. 1993 (USA) Schizophrenia or organic brain syndrome 403 RCT (psychiatric hospital and nursing home) 12/14