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Table 1 Diagnostic criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome

From: Chronic fatigue syndrome: aetiology, diagnosis and treatment

1.-Persistent chronic fatigue (at least 6 months) or intermittent, unexplained chronic fatigue, which relapses, or with a definite start, and is not the result of recent exertions. Does not improve with rest. Results in a significant reduction in the patient's previous normal activity.
2.-Exclusion of other diseases that may cause chronic fatigue.
Four of the following minor criteria (signs or symptoms) must be present concurrently for six months or longer, after the onset of fatigue:
Minor criteria
(Signs and symptoms)
1-Recently impaired memory or concentration.
  3.-Painful axilar or cervical adenophatias
  5.-polyartralgias without phlogosis
  6.-Headache with a new pattern or seriousness.
  7.-sleep which does not improve by resting.
  8.-Discomfort post effort > 24 hs.