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Table 2 DIB-R cognitive section and DIB-R cognitive subsections scores for the BPD group and SC group

From: A comparison of thought and perception disorders in borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia: psychotic experiences as a reaction to impaired social functioning

  SC (n = 28) BPD (n = 28)  
DIB-R scores Mean(SD) Mean(SD) p
Cognitive section 26.29(9.20) 20.11(7.22) 0.007a
Odd thinking/unusual perceptual experiences 6.04(3.96) 6.25(4.06) 0.842a
Non-delusional paranoia 4.00(1.36) 5.11(0.92) 0.001b
Psychotic experiences 12.04(4.73) 4.68(3.41) <0.001b
  1. SC: schizophrenia; BPD: Borderline Personality Disorder.
  2. aPearson's independent samples t-test.
  3. bMann-Whitney U test.