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Table 1 List of original sources for statements that were included in the Round 1 questionnaire

From: Re-development of mental health first aid guidelines for suicidal ideation and behaviour: a Delphi study

Websites (N = 66)
Stop A Suicide
ReachOut Australia
Suicide Prevention
Psych Central
Better Health Victoria
NASP Resources
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Kids Help Line
Befrienders Worldwide
Child and Youth Health South Australia
University of Minnesota
Know the Signs
University of Notre Dame Counselling Centre
Survivors of Suicide
Re Think
San Francisco Suicide Prevention
U Matter
The University of North Carolina Campus Health Services
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Gustavus Alophus College Suicide Prevention Information
Real Warriors Military Support
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Suicide Call back Service
University of Illinois Counselling Center
Choices: National Health Service UK
Quebec Health Portal
Mend a Friend
Queensland Government
Suicide: It’s no secret
World Suicide Prevention Day: Suicide Prevention Australia
Schizophrenia Fellowship of New South Wales
FNQ Suicide Prevention Taskforce
Grapevine Group
Super Friend bereavement/how-to-help-when-someone-is-suicidal
Queensland Government Health
Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide
Erase Bullying
Crisis Centre
Here to Help
Health Link
New Brunswick Canada Health
Government of Alberta Information for teens
Half of Us
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Mental Health America
The Kelty Foundation
CHEO Health Center
Alberta Health Services
Western University Health and Wellness
Faze Youth Magazine
Youth Services Jeunesse
Crisis Outreach and Support Team Hamilton
Suicide Prevention Information New Zealand
New Zealand Ministry of Health
Massey University New Zealand Health and Counselling Services
When Your Head Spins
Kids Help Phone
Mental Health First Aid Australia
Books (N = 5)
Hill K, Gorman J: How to help someone who is suicidal. Mind Publications 1995
Marcus, E: Why suicide? Questions and answers about suicide, suicide prevention, and coping with the suicide of someone you know. HarperCollins 2013
Gordon, S: When living hurts: What-to-do book for yourself or someone you care about who feels discouraged, sad, lonely, hopeless, angry or frustrated, unhappy, bored, depressed, suicidal. URJ Press 2004
Nelson, RE: The power to prevent suicide: A guide for teens helping teens. 2009
Cook J: How to help someone who is depressed or suicidal: Practical suggestions from a survivor. Rubicon Press Inc. 1993
Suicide prevention course materials (N = 6)
ASIST (Livingworks)
SafeTalk (Livingworks)
Suicide Prevention Skills Training (Griffith University)
ACE (The US Military)
ASK about Suicide (The University of Texas)
QPR (The Salvation Army, Australia)
Journal articles (N = 4)
Barrero SA: Preventing suicide: A resource for the family. Annals of General Psychiatry 2008, 7:1
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