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Table 2 Factor loadings of the items on the LAS

From: The relationship between acculturation strategies and depressive and anxiety disorders in Turkish migrants in the Netherlands

Items Participation Maintenance
Participation items   
11. I find Dutch difficult, so I'm not motivated to learn .67 .30
15. I am misunderstood when I speak Dutch .70 .26
16. I have difficulties understanding the Dutch language .80 .36
17. I have to depend on other people to show me how things are done here .77 .22
20. I must learn how certain tasks are done, such as renting an apartment .51 .25
Maintenance items   
2. I prefer to listen to Turkish music .15 .53
4. I prefer to eat Turkish food .17 .59
6. I consider it important to pass our traditions on to the next (future) generation .04 .61
8. It is important to me to celebrate the Turkish traditional feast in the Netherlands .11 .56
10. I belong here less than I belong to my homeland .24 .50
12. When I go out, I usually go to places where I can meet people from my home country .33 .52
13. Even though I am living here, it does not feel like my country .32 .44
14. Most of my friends have the same cultural background as I do .32 .60
22. My country of origin is always on my mind and in my memories .11 .64
24. I miss the people I left behind in my original country .21 .67
25. I feel homesick .26 .65
No Factor items   
5. I have frequent contact with Dutch people .26 -.19
7. In my experience encounters with the Dutch are fine -.17 .07
18. I am familiar with the Dutch politics -.29 -.11
  1. Note. Factor loadings above.40 are presented in bold.