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Table 1 ICD 10 Codes for Cause of death

From: Impact of socioeconomic deprivation on rate and cause of death in severe mental illness

Main categories of cause of death ICD 10 Codes
1) Cardiovascular disease I20-I25- including acute MI I219 & atherosclerotic heart disease I251 & I259
2) Cerebrovascular disease I60-I69- including subarachnoid haemorrhage I600, I609, brain stem intra cerebral haemorrhage I613, subdural haemorrhage I620, other unspecified stroke I64 & cerebral infarction I639, I693 & I679
3) Respiratory diseases J00-J99- including, COPD J441 & J449, pneumonia J189, J22 & J690, emphysema J439, asthma J459 & bronchiectasis J459
4) Cancer C00-C97- including oral C069 & C329, GI tract C159, C169,19 & C20, lung C349, cervix C539, brain C719, skin C446, bladder C679 & lymphoma C819 & C851
5) Alcohol related deaths including mental and behavioural disorder due to use of alcohol F10, degeneration of nervous system due to alcohol G31.2, alcoholic polyneuropathy G62.1, alcoholic cardiomyopathy I42.6, alcoholic gastritis K29.2, alcoholic liver disease K70, chronic hepatitis, not elsewhere classified K73, fibrosis and cirrhosis of liver K74 (excluding K74.3-K74.5 – biliary cirrhosis), alcohol induced chronic pancreatitis K86.0, accidental poisoning by, and exposure to, alcohol X45 intentional self-poisoning by, and exposure to, alcohol, X65, poisoning by, and exposure to, alcohol; undetermined intent Y15
6) Mental and behavioural disorder due to drugs F11-F16 & F18-F19
7) Accidental Including transport accidents V01-V99, falls W00-W19, death due to fire X00, accidental poisoning X40-X49, assault X04 & X59-Y09 and other accidents Y85 & Y86
8) Suicide As defined by the Scottish suicide information database17 (X60-X84 & Y87.0 and deaths of undetermined origin Y10-Y34) including- intentional self-poisoning X61 & X62, intentional hanging X70, intentional drowning X71, intentional jump from height X80, intentional jump before moving object X81, intentional death by fire X76, poisoning of undetermined intent Y11 & Y12, fall or jump from height of undetermined intent Y30 & undetermined cause of death Y34
9) Other Including all other codes not included in above 1-8. A00-B99, E00-E99, G00-G30, G32-G61, G62-G99, H00-H95, I00-I19, I26-I41, I43-I59, I70-I99, K00-K28, K30-KK69, K70-K85, K87-K93, L00-L99. M00-M99, N00-N99, O00-O99, Q00-Q99, R00-R99, in particular left ventricular failure I501, hypertensive disease I119, aortic aneurysm I711 & I713, peripheral vascular disease E145, ischaemic gut K550, cardiomegaly I517, cardiomyopathy I426 & I429, valvular disease I080, sarcoidosis D869, PE I269, obesity E668 & E669, unspecified cardiac arrest I469, unspecified diabetes E149, diabetic coma E140, diabetic ketoacidosis E141 and diabetes with renal complications E122, UTI N390, septicaemia A419, hypo-osmolality E871, phlebitis I803, GI haemorrhage K922, gastrointestinal ulcer K221, K254 & K264, appendicitis K37, intestinal obstruction K566 and renal failure N19