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Table 1 Overview of measures administered at each assessment interval

From: Blended vs. face-to-face cognitive behavioural treatment for major depression in specialized mental health care: study protocol of a randomized controlled cost-effectiveness trial

Questionnaire Aim Baseline (T0) Week 10 (T1) Week 20 (T2) Week 30 (T3)
Primary outcomes      
IDS-SR Depression severity x x x x
MINI plus full Diagnostic interview x    x
MINI plus; Section A    x x  
EQ-5D-3L Health-related QoL x x x x
SF-36 Functional impairment x x x x
TiC-P Health care utilization x x x x
Other variables of interest      
General patient characteristics x    
A priori treatment preference x    
Mastery Scale Locus of control x x x x
WAI-SR Therapeutic alliance   x   
CCL-D Depressive cognitions x x x  
CSQ Treatment satisfaction     x
SUS (bCBT only) System usability    x  
  1. bCBT: Blended Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; CCL-D: Cognition Checklist-Depression scale; CSQ: Client Satisfaction Questionnaire; EQ-5D-3L: EuroQol; IDS-SR: Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology, Self-Report version; MINI plus: Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview Plus; QoL: Quality of Life; SF-36: 36-item Short Form Health Survey; SUS: System Usability Scale; TiC-P: Trimbos and iMTA questionnaire on Costs associated with Psychiatric illness; WAI-SR: Work Alliance Inventory-Short Revised.