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Table 1 Components of STEP-ED campaign

From: Reducing the duration of untreated psychosis and its impact in the U.S.: the STEP-ED study

A. Public education campaign (PEC) with messages targeting: (i) patients; (ii) parents/caregivers and (iii) friends to empower them to facilitate entry into care. Will include the following channels of communication: (1) Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
(2) Mass media: including radio, (limited) TV, newspapers, mailings
(3) Interactive campaign website
(4) Posters on buses
(5) Promotional items
B. Professional outreach & detailing (POD) with distinct strategies targeting: (1) Educational settings (College counseling, School Based Health Clinics)
(2) Mental health services (Public and private, agency and solo practice)
(3) Primary care settings (Adult and Pediatric)
(4) Religious organizations
(5) Consumer organizations
(6) Judicial system
(7) Policy and Legislative actors
(8) Social Welfare Agencies
C. Rapid Access to STEP (RAS) including: A variety of performance improvement measures focused on reducing time between referral and entry into treatment at the STEP clinic.