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Table 2 Research evaluation procedures and timeline

From: Reducing the duration of untreated psychosis and its impact in the U.S.: the STEP-ED study

Months after enrollment in FES 0 6 12
SIPS x   
SOS & Prescription Medication Log x*   
Pathways to Care Interview x   
SCID I, selected SCID II sections x   x
Demographics, Medical History x   
Neurocognitive & Social cognitive battery: x x x
1. premorbid IQ estimate- WRAT-4 reading (only at baseline)
2. processing speed: MATRICS symbol digit
3. verbal learning: MATRICS Hopkins verbal learning test
4. social cognition: MATRICS- MSCEIT
Habits inventory, AUS/DUS, Cannabis Scale x x x
PANSS, Calgary Depression x x x
Premorbid Adjustment Scale x   
Global Functioning: Social and Role x x x
Service Utilization and Resources Form (modified) x x x
Service Engagement Scale (SES)   x x
LUNSERS medication side effect scale x x x
GAF, Heinrichs QOL, SF-36 Health Survey x x x
Suicidality (C-SSRS), Aggression (MOAS) x x x
  1. *repeated within one month if confidence in DUP estimate is “possible” or “probable”.