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Table 1 Measures and instruments and assessment times

From: Money for medication: a randomized controlled study on the effectiveness of financial incentives to improve medication adherence in patients with psychotic disorders

Category Outcome measure Instrument Assessment (month)
    0 12 18
Demographics   Registration forms X   
Medication acceptance - Percentage accepted depots (MPR) Registration forms Continuously Continuously Continuously
  - Longest uninterrupted period Registration forms Continuously Continuously Continuously
  - Time expired before depot is taken Registration forms Continuously Continuously Continuously
  - Attitudes towards medication ROMI X X X
Psychosocial functioning - Psychiatric symptomatology PANSS X X X
  - Health, psychological and social functioning HoNOS X X X
  - Substance use ASI X X X
Urine screens X X X
  - Quality of Life MANSA X X X
  - Antipsychotic side-effects ASC X X X
- Treatment Entry Questionnaire TEQ X X X
  - Dickman Impulsivity questionnaire DII X X X
Cost-utility - Health-care consumption TiC-P X X X
  - Health-related quality of life EQ-5D X X X
  - Self-reported delinquent behaviour SRD X X X
  - Effort of clinicians Registration forms Continuously Continuously Continuously
Ethical aspects - Attitudes towards M4M Questionnaire constructed for the current study X X X
  1. ROMI: Rating Of Medication Influences, PANSS: Positive And Negative Symptoms Scale, HoNOS: Health of the Nations Outcome Scales, ASI: Addiction Severity Index, CIDI-SAM: Composite International Diagnostic Interview – Substance Abuse Module, MANSA: Manchester Short Assessment of Quality of Life, ASC: Antipsychotic Side-effects Checklist, TEQ: Treatment Entry Questionnaire, TiC-P: Trimbos/iMTA questionnaire for Costs associated with Psychiatric Illness, EQ-5D: EuroQol-5D, Quality of Life, SRD: Self-Reported Delinquency questionnaire.