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Table 3 Participants’ beliefs about the treatments an addicted person should seek

From: How is acceptance of the brain disease model of addiction related to Australians’ attitudes towards addicted individuals and treatments for addiction?

  Alcohol Heroin
Peter/John should … Affirmative (%) Negative (%) Affirmative (%) Negative (%)
Get help from close family friends or a support group like alcoholics/narcotics anonymous 98.0 2.0 97.2 2.8
Talk to a doctor or psychiatrist about his addiction 95.3 4.7 96.5 3.5
Visit a mental health worker, such as a counsellor, social worker, or psychologist 92.0 8.0 94.7 5.3
Take medication prescribed by a doctor to help him quit 80.8 19.2 89.8 10.2