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Table 4 Most common recommendations for CRTs from English government and non-statutory organisations

From: Implementation of the Crisis Resolution Team model in adult mental health settings: a systematic review

CRT characteristic recommended by guidance Number of sources recommending this characteristic (n)
CRTs offer a 24-hour, 7 day a week service n = 10
CRTs include a psychiatrist/medical cover n = 10
High quality staff training in crisis home treatment n = 6
CRTs have a multidisciplinary staff team n = 6
CRTs act as gatekeepers for hospital admissions n = 6
CRTs provide intensive, supportive interventions n = 6
CRTs allocate a named worker for each service user n = 6
Discharge from the CRT involves relapse prevention planning n = 6
CRTs remain involved until a crisis has resolved n = 6
CRTs undertake high quality auditing and service monitoring n = 6