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Table 5 Information of clustering sub-network (1983–1992)

From: Analysis on evolution and research focus in psychiatry field

Sub-network Number of document Representative document Cluster top term Research focus
0 4 Local cerebral glucose metabolic rates in obsessive-compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder
1 30 Research diagnostic criteria-rationale and reliability Depression Depression
2 4 Sex-differences in schizophrenia-timing or subtypes Gender Schizophrenia
3 9 National institute of mental health diagnostic interview schedule its history, characteristics and validity Suicide attempt Diagnosis of mental disorders
4 5 Social origins of depression-reply Geriatric depression Depression
5 18 The validity of DSM-III borderline personality disorder Borderline personality-disorder Diagnosis of mental disorders
6 19 Physiologic dysfunction of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex Normal Schizophrenia
7 14 Basal ganglia and limbic system pathology in schizophrenia-a morphometric study of brain volume and shrinkage Schizophrenia Schizophrenia
8 12 Family history method using diagnostic criteria reliability and validity Schizophrenia Schizophrenia
9 6 Protein measurement with the Folin Phenol Reagent Prospect Neurological biochemistry
10 14 Cerebral ventricular size and cognitive impairment in chronic schizophrenia Ventricular enlargement Schizophrenia
11 22 Diagnostic criteria for use in psychiatric research Significance Diagnosis of mental disorders
12 25 A rating scale for depression Emotion Diagnosis of mental disorders
13 9 Dexamethasone suppression test for melancholia Depression Depression
14 5 Bulimia treated with imipramine: a placebo –controlled, double-blind study Serotonin connection Neurological biochemistry
15 18 The brief psychiatric rating-scale Seasonal affective-disorder Diagnosis of mental disorder
16 2 Carbamazepin in manic –depressive illness: a new treatment Dissociation Drug treatment of mental disorders
17 2 Neuroleptic malignant syndrome Neuroleptic malignant syndrome Drug treatment of mental disorders