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Table 1 Overview of assessments

From: Preventive Cognitive Therapy versus Treatment as Usual in preventing recurrence of depression: protocol of a multi-centered randomized controlled trial

Measure Description T0 T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6a
SCID-I DSM-IV-TR Axis I disorders x       x
HAM-D Depressive symptoms and severity x       x
Self report measures         
IDS-SR Depressive symptoms x    x x x x
IIP-C Social and interpersonal functioning x       
EQ-5D Quality of life x    x x x x
TIC P Direct/indirect costs x    x x x x
PMS Psychological mindedness x     x   
PDQ-4 Personality     x    
Brugha Life events x       x
EPCL Everyday problems x     x x  
Mastery scale Mastery x    x x x x
VAMS Mood x    x x x x
IVM Victimization        x
SSL-I Social support   x x x x   x
UCL Coping   x x x x   x
AAQ Experiential acceptance and avoidance   x x x    
ORS Functioning   x x x    
Affiliation Affiliation   x x x    
PANAS-X Emotions   x x x    
DAS Dysfunctional attitudes   x x x   x  
BDI Depressive symptoms   x x x    
  1. aT0 = Baseline, T1 = 1 month, T2 = 2 months, T3 = 3 months, T4 = 6 months, T5 = 12 months, T6 = 15 months