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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for the systematic review

From: The clinical and cost effectiveness of group art therapy for people with non-psychotic mental health disorders: a systematic review and cost-effectiveness analysis

  Included Excluded
Population Non-psychotic clinical samples People with psychosis
Healthy samples
Intervention aGroup art therapy as might be delivered in the NHS Other “arts therapies” including drama; music; and dance
Play therapy
Comparator Any including: interventions including an RCT containing art therapy; treatment as usual; waiting list; attention placebo; or other psychological therapy None
Outcomes Primary: treatment effectiveness; response as determined by changes in mental health rating scales; Outcomes focussed on interpretation of the art work itself, not the participant
Secondary: Related clinical or quality of life outcomes
Studies Randomised controlled trials Non-randomised controlled studies
  1. aWhilst the full health technology assessment (Uttley et al., in press) included studies of both individual and group art therapy, only studies of group art therapy are included in this paper