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Table 6 One included study with statistically positive findings for all outcomes in the art therapy group

From: The clinical and cost effectiveness of group art therapy for people with non-psychotic mental health disorders: a systematic review and cost-effectiveness analysis

Study & control description Outcome measures and results
Kim 2013 [15] Significant improvements for Intervention in all three outcomes compared to Control
Regular programme activities Positive & Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS)
PANAS CFB Intervention (19.88) vs Control (−5.64) p < 0.01
State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI)
CFB STAI State (−13.17) vs (+3.08) p < 0.01
CFB STAI Trait (−7.84) vs (+2.96) p < 0.01
Rosenberg Self = Esteem Scale (RSES)
CFB RSES (4.24) vs (−0.48) p < 0.01