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Table 1 The 21 recommendations for improving the effectiveness of mental health multidisciplinary team meetings

From: Use of a formal consensus development technique to produce recommendations for improving the effectiveness of adult mental health multidisciplinary team meetings

  Recommendation Median Mean absolute deviation from the median (MADM)
1 The primary objective of MDT meetings should be to agree treatment plans for patients. Other functions are important but they should not take precedence 8 0.88
2 MDT discussions should result in a documented treatment plan for each patient discussed 9 0.56
3 MDT meeting objectives should include locally (as well as nationally) determined goals 8 0.63
4 The objectives of MDT meetings should be explicitly agreed, reviewed and documented by each team 8 0.94
5 Explaining the function of the MDT meeting should be a formal part of induction for new staff 9 0.44
6 There should be a formal mechanism for discussing recruitment to trials in MDT meetings (for example, having clinical trials as an agenda item) 8 0.81
7 All Chairs should be trained in chairing skills 7 0.81
8 All new patients should be discussed even if a clear protocol exists 8.5 0.94
9 Teams should agree what information should be presented for patients discussed 9 0.56
10 All new team members should be told what information they are expected to present 9 0.38
11 The objectives of the MDT meeting should be reviewed yearly 9 1
12 Once a team has established a set of objectives, the MDT should be audited against these 7.5 0.94
13 All action points should be recorded electronically 9 0.81
14 Implementation of MDT decisions should be audited annually 8 1
15 Where an MDT meeting decision is changed, the reason for changing this should be documented 9 0.19
16 There should be a named implementer documented with each decision 9 0.38
17 Comorbidities should be routinely discussed at MDT meetings 8 0.94
18 Patients’ past medical history should routinely be available at the MDT meeting 8.5 0.56
19 The MDT should actively seek all possible treatment options, and discuss these with the patient after the meeting 9 0.44
20 Patients should be given verbal feedback about the outcome of the MDT meeting 8.5 0.94
21 Where it would be potentially inappropriate to share the content of an MDT discussion with the patient the decision not to feedback should be formally agreed and noted at the meeting 9 0.63