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Table 1 Outcomes and measure

From: Effectiveness of the Comprehensive Approach to Rehabilitation (CARe) methodology: design of a cluster randomized controlled trial

Topic Instrument T0 T1 T2 Rater
Primary outcome measures (client level)      
Recovery Mental Health Recovery Measure (MHRM) x x x Client
Societal functioning Social Functioning Scale (SFS) x x x Client
Quality of life Manchester Short Appraisal (MANSA) x x x Client
Secondary outcomes (client level)      
Empowerment Dutch Empowerment Scale x x x Client
Hope Herth Hope Index (HHI) x x x Client
Self-efficacy Mental Health Confidence Scale (MHCS) x x x Client
Need for care Camberwell Assessment of Needs (CANSAS) x x x Client
Additional process and control measures (client level)      
Demographic characteristics Age, gender, nationality, level of education, marital status, living situation, principal daily pursuit, income x x x Client
Healthcare utilization Diagnosis, psychiatric care, day care, contacts with care workers, (psychiatric) hospital admission, other care, psychiatric medication x x x Staff
Psychiatric symptoms Brief Symptom Index (BSI) x x x Client
Recovery promoting relation Recovery Promoting Relationship Scale (RPRS) x x x Client
Additional process and control measures (team level)      
Knowledge on recovery Recovery Knowledge Inventory (RKI) x x x Staff
Fidelity of Care Methodology CARe Methodology fidelity audit   x x Staff and clients
Quality of care Quality Indicator for Rehabilitation Care (QUIRC) x   x Team leader