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Table 2 Comorbidity of depressive episode with other psychiatric disorders/ clinical conditions in 16–18 years-old adolescents in Greece

From: Depression in late adolescence: a cross-sectional study in senior high schools in Greece

  % of Adolescents with depressive episodea Odds Ratiob (95 % CIc)
Comorbid condition:   
At least one anxiety disorder 49.4 7.76 (5.52-10.92)
OCD d 17.1 5.32 (3.48-8.14)
GAD e 27.6 7.92 (5.35-11.74)
Panic disorder 8.7 4.03 (2.14-7.57)
Agoraphobia 3.4 2.53 (1.01-6.30)
All other phobias 12.4 2.93 (1.83-4.68)
Alcoholf 24.5 1.85 (1.27-2.70)
Cigarette smokingg 22.1 2.05 (1.39-3.04)
Cannabish 10.3 3.48 (2.05-5.93)
  1. aAll percentages are weighted to account for the stratified random sampling; bCI: Confidence Interval; cOdds ratios adjusted for age and sex and calculated from logistic regression models with the comorbid condition as the dependent variable and depressive episode (either yes or no) as the independent variable. The reference group for the reported odds ratios is “adolescents without depression” (e.g., the odds of at least one anxiety disorder was 7.76 times higher for participants with depression compared to participants without depression); dOCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; eGAD: Generalized Anxiety Disorder; fAlcohol use defined as consumption of hard liquor at least once weekly; gCigarette smoking defined as smoking cigarettes daily; hCannabis use defined as having tried cannabis at least once