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Table 3 Health services use among 16–18 years-old adolescents attending senior high schools in Greece (N = 2427)

From: Depression in late adolescence: a cross-sectional study in senior high schools in Greece

  Presence of ICD-10 Depressive Episode
No Depression "Pure" Depression Comorbid Depression
  % a Odds Ratios b (95 % CI c ) % a Odds Ratios b (95 % CI c ) % a Odds Ratios b (95 % CI c )
Frequent doctor visits d    
For any reason 17.7 % 16.6 % 25.8 %
1 (Reference Category) 0.91 (0.50-1.64) 1.59 (0.97-2.60)
For a psychological reason 11.3 % 10.4 % 23.9 %
1 (Reference Category) 0.96 (0.52-1.79) 2.54 (1.55-4.19)
  1. aAll percentages are weighted to account for the stratified random sampling; bOdds ratios adjusted for age and sex and calculated from logistic regression models with frequent doctor visits as the dependent variable and depressive episode (no depression,“ pure” or “comorbid” depression) as the independent variable (e.g., the odds of frequent doctor visits for a psychological reason was 1.95 times higher for participants with comorbid depression compared to participants without depression); cCI: Confidence Interval;dFrequent doctor visits defined as having visited a doctor more than twice during the previous 12 months for any reason or at least once for a psychological reason