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Table 1 Overview of sessions and themes in the Tackling Teenage Training program

From: Study protocol: a randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of a psychosexual training program for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder

Sessions Themes
Session 1 Talking about puberty Discussing puberty
Session 2 This is me Appearances
Session 3 A good first impression First impressions
Session 4 What do you call that? Naming body parts
Session 5 Changes during puberty in boys Male physical changes
Session 6 Changes during puberty in girls Female physical changes
Session 7 Making love to yourself Masturbation, rules and hygiene
Session 8 Friendship How to become and maintain friends
Session 9 Being in love and stuff… Falling in love
Session 10 Doubts and confusion during puberty Sexual orientation
Session 11 Being in love and dating Falling in love and dating
Session 12 Safe sex Sexual intercourse, contraception and STD
Session 13 The first time Sexual intercourse
Session 14 Pregnancy and birth Pregnancy
Session 15 Where do you draw the line? Setting and respecting boundaries
Session 16 Yours and other people’s boundaries Setting and respecting boundaries
Session 17 Internet and making contact Safe internet use
Session 18 Bad boyfriends (session for girls) Abusive boyfriends