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Table 3 Psychosexual functioning part of the Teen Transition Inventory

From: Study protocol: a randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of a psychosexual training program for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder

Domain Scale/items Parent-report Self-report
Sexual socialization Friendship skills of child 5 items 5 items
  Social acceptance by peers 3 items 6 items
  Romantic ability of child - 3 items
  Openness about intimacy 4 items 3 items
  Adequate dealing with boundaries 8 items -
Sexual selfhood Bodily perception 3 items 6 items
  Self-esteem - 12 items
  Perceived social competence - 12 items
  Sexual knowledge of the child according to parent 9 items -
Sexual behavior Separate items on age or context appropriate behaviors, intimate experiences including age of onset and sexual orientation 33 items 41 items