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Table 1 Content of MBCT programme for ADHD per session

From: Mindfulness based cognitive therapy versus treatment as usual in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Theme of the session Mindfulness exercises (Psycho-)education Homework
1. Automatic pilot - 3-min breathing space - Rationale of mindfulness for ADHD - 3-min breathing space
- Raisin exercise - Introduction in methods to integrate mindfulness in daily life: Support, Structure and Strategy (3 S’s) - Attention for a routine activity
- Bodyscan - Mindful eating
- Optional: bodyscan
2. Dealing with barriers - Bodyscan - Imagery exercise to demonstrate relationship between thoughts and feelings - 3-min breathing space
- Attention for a routine activity
- Bodyscan
- Sitting meditation with focus on breath - Exploration of application of the 3 S’s - Awareness of pleasant events
- 3-min breathing space
3. Mindfulness of the breath - Sitting meditation with focus on breath, body - Seeing exercise a) to demonstrate the difference between observation and interpretation, b) to discuss dealing with sensory input - 3-min breathing space
- Floor yoga or sitting meditation
- 3-min breathing space - Exploration of pleasant events - Awareness of unpleasant events
- Floor yoga practices
- Walking meditation
4. Staying present - Sitting meditation with focus on breath, body, sounds - Exploration of unpleasant events with attention for the interrelatedness of feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations - 3-min breathing space
- Sitting meditation
- 3-min breathing space - Exercise focused on recognition and dealing with ADHD core symptoms - Awareness of top 3 ADHD symptoms
- Walking meditation
5. Allowing and letting be - Sitting meditation with focus on breath, body, sounds, thoughts and feelings - Reflection on intention of participating - 3-min breathing space
- Psycho-education about reacting versus responding in stressful situations and when ADHD symptoms are severe - Sitting meditation or standing yoga
- 3-min breathing space ‘coping’   - Awareness of communication difficulties
- Standing yoga practices
6. Mindful communication - Standing yoga practices - Exercise in mindful listening and speaking - 3-min breathing space
- 3-min breathing space - Non-verbal communication exercise - Sitting meditation or standing yoga
- Mindful listening and speaking
Silent day - Varying meditation exercises   
- Silent lunch and tea break
7. Taking care of yourself - Sitting meditation with focus on breath, body, sounds, thoughts, emotions an choiceless awareness - Exercise on taking care of yourself by examining how to improve balance in life - 3-min breathing space
- Practice without CDs
- Reflect on training
- 3-min breathing space - Making an action plan
8. The rest of your life - Bodyscan - Reflection on the training  
- 3-min breathing space - Maintaining practice