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Table 1 The behavioral and cognitive test battery

From: The Danish 22q11 research initiative

Interview, test and questionnaires Test outcome Test tool References
Psychiatric interviews
MINI/MINI-KID Psychiatric research diagnoses Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview Danish version 5.0.0 / Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview for Children and Adolescents version 6.0 [53, 54, 73]
SIPS Psychotic and prodromal symptoms Structured Interview for Prodromal Syndromes [55, 74]
Cognitive abilities
RIST General intelligence The Reynolds Intellectual Screening Test [56]
Coding test Processing speed Wechsler Intelligence Scale 4th ed. [57, 58]
Letter-number sequencing test Verbal working memory Wechsler Intelligence Scale 4th ed. [57, 58]
Spatial Working Memory Spatial working memory CANTABa (SWM)
Intra-Extra Dimensional set shift Attentional set formation, maintenance, flexibility of attention CANTABa (IED)
Reaction Time Reaction time and motor speed CANTABa (RTI)
Emotion Recognition Task Emotional recognition in facial expressions CANTABa (ERT)
Rapid Visual information Processing Sustained attention CANTABa (RVP)
Information Sampling Test Reflection impulsivity and decision-making CANTABa (IST)
Stop Signal Task Response inhibition CANTABa (SST)
TASIT, Part A2 Social Inference (minimal)) Social perception The Awareness of Social Inference Test [59]
B-SIT Olfactory function Brief Smell Identification Test [60]
Word Selective Reminding task Verbal memory function Test of Memory and Learning 2nd ed. [60]
TOF (age 12–18 years) Observed behavior and emotions during test situation Test Observation Form [63]
BRIEF (age 12–17) BRIEF-A (age 18+) Executive functions in daily life Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function [75, 76]
ABAS-II Adaptive functioning The Adaptive Behavior Assessment System-Second Edition [77]
SRS (age 12–18 years) Social impairments, social awareness, social information processing, capacity for reciprocal social communication, social anxiety/avoidance, autistic preoccupations and traits Social Responsiveness ScaleTM [78]
ADHD-RS (age 12–18 years) Symptoms of ADHD and conduct disorders Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder rating scale [79]
SCQ (lifetime version) (W-381B) Communication skills and social functioning Social Communication Questionnaire lifetime form [80, 81]
Edinburgh handedness inventory Handedness Edinburgh handedness inventory [66]
  1. aCANTAB Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery