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Table 4 Methods of intentional self-harm (ICD-10 codes) in asylum seekers and control group (n)

From: Assessment and treatment of asylum seekers after a suicide attempt: a comparative study of people registered at mental health services in a Swedish location

Methods of self-harm Asylum seekers Control group
X60 Self-poisoning, nonopiod analgesics, antipyretics, antirheumatics 3 0
X61 Self-poisoning, antiepileptic, sedative-hypnotic, antiparkinsonism, psychotropic drugs not elsewhere classified 16 7
X64 Self-poisoning, other and unspecified drugs, medicaments, biological substances 13 35
X65 Self-poisoning, alcohol 0 1
X67 Self-poisoning, gases and vapours 0 2
X69 Self-poisoning, other and unspecified chemicals, noxious substances 1 0
X70 Hanging, strangulation, suffocation 24 7
X71 Drowning, submersion 2 1
X72 Handgun discharge 1 1
X73 Rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge 0 1
X78 Sharp object 14 29
X80 Jumping from a high place 19 12
X81 Jumping or lying before moving object 8 0
X82 Crashing of motor vehicle 0 2
X83 Other specified means 2 1
X84 Unspecified means 1 0
Total 104 99
  1. The table lists the number of suicide methods used at the recent suicide attempt, which explains why there are more methods than subjects (individuals may have used more than one method)