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Table 3 Comparison of ICPC-2 diagnoses and contact with GP during six-month post-discharge period

From: Structured follow-up by general practitioners after deliberate self-poisoning: a randomised controlled trial

  Intervention N = 62 Mean (SD) Control N = 87 Mean (SD) p value
ICPC-2 diagnoses reported from all GP contact
 Somatic 4.0 (3.9) 3.6 (4.1) 0.605
 Psychiatric, social, or poisoning 8.6 (7.3) 5.5 (6.5) 0.007
Contact with GP
 Consultationsa 6.7 (5.0) 4.5 (4.2) 0.005
 All other patient-related activitiesb 5.9 (6.1) 4.6 (5.4) 0.174
  1. a Normal consultations and extra fees applied because of extended time spent in consultations (over 20 min), therapy, and use of psychometric assessment tools or other consultations related to psychiatric diagnoses
  2. b Simple contact without attending GPs office, outside office consultations; home visit or consultation in somatic outpatient clinic, talking with relatives, contact with other services and all other patient-related activities