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Table 1 Overview of measures and corresponding measurement time points

From: A randomized controlled trial of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) versus treatment-as-usual (TAU) for chronic, treatment-resistant depression: study protocol

Measure Target concept Baseline FU1 FU2 FU3 FU4
IDS-SR Depressive symptoms
MINI-depr. module Diagnosis of major depression
WHOQOL-BREF Quality of life
RRS-EXT Rumination
FFMQ Mindfulness skills
SCS Self-compassion
MINI interview Comorbid psychiatric disorders     
DM-TRD Treatment-resistance     
CTQ Childhood trauma     
  1. FU1: 2 weeks post intervention (MBCT + TAU)/8-12 weeks post baseline (TAU), FU2: 3 months post intervention (MBCT+ TAU)/2 weeks post intervention (TAU), FU3: 6 months post intervention (MBCT + TAU)/3 months post intervention(TAU), FU4: 6 months post intervention (TAU)