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Table 1 Overview of measurement instruments

From: Self-wise, Other-wise, Streetwise (SOS) training: a novel intervention to reduce victimization in dual diagnosis psychiatric patients with substance use disorders: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Measurement instrument T0 T1 T2 T3a
Safety Monitor x    x
Questions regarding likelihood and controllability of victimization x x x x
Timeline Followback x x x x
Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test x   x x
Drug Use Disorder Identification Test x   x x
Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale x x x x
Kessler psychological distress scale x x x x
Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale x x x x
Dimensions of Anger Reactions x x x x
Inventory of Interpersonal Problems x x x x
Self Esteem Rating Scale x x x x
EuroQol 5D x x x x
Manchester Short Assessment of Quality of Life x x x x
Trimbos questionnaire on Costs associated with Psychiatric illness   x x x
Jellinek PTSD Screening Questionnaire x    x
Posttraumatic Diagnostic Scale x    x
Mini-Mental State Examination x    
Client Satisfaction Questionnaire   x x x
  1. a T0 baseline, T1 2 months follow-up, T2 8 months follow-up, T3 14 months follow-up