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Table 3 Summary table for subgroup comparisons throughout the different experimental phases of the paradigm

From: Contribution of estradiol levels and hormonal contraceptives to sex differences within the fear network during fear conditioning and extinction

  Unconditioned Conditioning Extinction Recall
Insular cortex M > OC HE > M HE > M HE > M
MCC n.s. HE > M n.s. HE > M
rACC n.s. n.s. HE > M n.s.
Amygdala n.s. HE > M n.s. n.s.
Hypothalamus n.s. HE > M n.s. n.s.
Hippocampus M > OC n.s. n.s. n.s.
  1. ‘Unconditioned’ refers to the contrast Shock vs. CS- offset during fear conditioning, ‘Conditioning’ refers to the CS+ vs. CS- contrast during fear conditioning, ‘Extinction’ refers to the late CS+ vs. late CS- of the extinction training, and ‘Recall’ refers to the early CS + E trials vs. early CS + U trials of the extinction recall test. (n.s. = no significant main effect of group)