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Table 2 Prevalence of suicidal behaviors among Moroccan school students

From: Suicidal behaviors among Moroccan school students: prevalence and association with socio-demographic characteristics and psychoactive substances use: a cross-sectional study

Suicidal behaviors Number Percent 95 % CI
In the past month, did you
 Think that you would be better off dead or wish you were dead? (Yes) 768 26.6 25–28.2
 Want to harm yourself? (Yes) 426 14.7 13.5–16.1
 Think about suicide? (Yes) 453 15.7 14.4–17.1
 Have a suicide plan? (Yes) 182 6.3 5.4–7.2
 Attempt suicide? (Yes) 187 6.5 5.6–7.4
In your life
 Did you ever make a suicide attempt? (Yes) 304 10.5 9.4–11.7