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Table 1 Mapping of domains to measurements

From: Wellbeing and resilience: mechanisms of transmission of health and risk in parents with complex mental health problems and their offspring—The WARM Study

Risk Measure Person
 Diagnosis SCID Mother
 Personality disorder screen SAPAS Parents
Predictors & moderators   
 Symptom severity MADRS Mother
BRMRS Mother
PANNS Mother
BSI-53 Father
 Trauma ACES Mother
 Attachment AAP Parents
AAI Mother
Psychosis Attachment Measure Parents
 Parental alliance Parental Alliance Measure Parents
 Father- infant interaction Naturalistic play Father-infant
P-PATS (subscale)
 Social support SOS Parents
 Socioeconomic status Questionnaire Parents
 Demographics Questionnaire Parents
 Cognition RIST Parents
 Social functioning GAF Mother
 Newborn characteristics APGAR  
Transmission mechanisms   
 Stress-exposure Parenting Stress Index Short Form Mother
Perceived Stress Scale Mother
Hair samples/ Mother & infant
Mass spectrometry analysis
 Stress-sensitivity Saliva samples/ Mother
Mass spectrometry analysis
 Caregiving representation PCEQ Parents
CEQ Parents
 Mother- infant interaction Naturalistic play Mother-infant
Still face
 Obstetric complications National registers/case notes Mother
Infant outcome Measure  
 Infant neuromotor and cognition NNNS  
 Infant behavior CIB  
 Infant attachment Strange Situation Procedure  
 Stress-sensitivity Saliva samples/  
Mass spectrometry analysis
 Infant health National registers/case notes