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Table 1 Key Model Inputs

From: Is adjunctive pharmacotherapy in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder cost-effective in Canada: a cost-effectiveness assessment of guanfacine extended-release as an adjunctive therapy to a long-acting stimulant for the treatment of ADHD

Parameter Value Source
Initial health distribution:
Normal 0.00 % Phase III trial [16]
Mild 3.52 %
Moderate 90.55 %
Severe 5.93 %
Utility inputs:
Normal 0.839 Lloyd et al. [31]
Mild 0.787
Moderate 0.578
Severe 0.444
Weekly medical costs:
Normal $4.71 Derived from Guevara et al. [25], Schedule of Benefit and Fees, OHIP, OCCI
Mild $4.76
Moderate $13.63
Severe $28.38
Weekly costs associated with productivity losses for parents of children with ADHD (societal perspective):
Normal $14.60 Hakkaart-van Roijen et al. [29] Statistics Canada
Mild $15.38
Moderate $60.30
Severe $125.10
Daily cost of ADHD medication, $CA:
GXR $3.89 Quebec’s Medication List
MAS-XR (Adderall XR®) $3.24  
MPH-CR (Biphentin®) $1.77 ODB
OROS-MPH (Concerta®) $2.76 Market shares – Canada
OROS-MPH (generic) $1.91 (except Quebec), IMS Brogan
LDX (Vyvanse®) $3.75  
Long-acting stimulants - Overall $2.80 Weighted average cost
Percentage of patients taking long-acting stimulants:
GXR Market shares – Canada (except Quebec), IMS Brogan
MAS-XR (Adderall XR®) 14.20 %
MPH-CR (Biphentin®) 15.30 %
OROS-MPH (Concerta®) 46.10 %
OROS-MPH (generic) 6.40 %
LDX (Vyvanse®) 18.00 %
  1. ADHD attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, GXR guanfacine extended release, LDX lisdexamfetamine dimesylate, MAS-XR mixed amphetamine salts extended release, MPH-CR methylphenidate hydrochloride controlled release, OCCI Ontatio Case Costing Initiative, ODB Ontario Drug Benefit Formulary, OHIP Ontario Health Insurance Plan, OROS-MPH osmotic release oral system methylphenidate