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Table 1 Social Functioning in Schizophrenia scale

From: Schizophrenia-spectrum patients treated with long-acting injectable risperidone in real-life clinical settings: functional recovery in remitted versus stable, non-remitted patients (the EVeREST prospective observational cohort study)

Item Characteristics
Social skills
 Personal care and appearance Personal hygiene and clothing
 Housekeeping Housework, laundry, shopping (food, etc.)
 Familial and social integration Relationships necessary to maintain harmonious integration
 Information and execution Ability to get information and fulfill administrative and social formalities of everyday life
Social roles
 Organizing free time Ability to engage in social, creative or recreational activities (attendance at social groups, foundations, clubs or groups of mutual aid)
 Managing stigmatization Knowing one’s disability, asserting rights, withstanding criticisms
 Workinga Ability to project into professional life according to the degree of disability. Having a job in a protected or ordinary environment
  1. Scale. 1: do not do – 2: neglect – 3: do, but with efforts – 4: do without effort
  2. a Scale. 1: not applicable – 2: projects of professional life – 3: in training for working rhythms – 4: has a job in a protected or ordinary environment