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Table 3 Phi-coefficients between CFRA items and future reports of child maltreatment

From: Detection of unsafety in families with parental and/or child developmental problems at the start of family support

Item   ϕ
Items assessing future neglect  
 1. Current intervention is for neglect .17***
 2. Prior neglect interventions, reports, investigations .12**
 3. Child protection services received previously -.05
 4. Number of children involved in incident .03
 5. Age of youngest child in the home -.02
 6. Primary caretaker provides physical care inconsistent with child’s needs .11*
 7. Primary caretaker has past/current mental health problems .06
 8.a Primary caretaker has a history of alcohol problems .03
 8.b Primary caretaker has a history of drug problems .07
 8.c Primary caretaker has a current alcohol problem .06
 8.d Primary caretaker has a current drug problem .16***
 9.a Characteristics of children: medically fragile/insufficient growth -.03
 9.b Characteristics of children: developmental disorder or disabled -.01
 9.c Characteristics of children: intoxicated at birth -.01
 10.a Current housing is unsafe .09+
 10.b No fixed place to live -.01
Items assessing future abuse  
 1. Current intervention is for abuse .16***
 2. Prior interventions for abuse, reports, investigations .11*
 3. Previously received child protection services -.03
 4. Prior injury to a child resulting from child abuse or neglect .06
 5.a The fault lay with the child .15**
 5.b The caretaker justified the abuse -.01
 6. Domestic violence in the household in the past year .13**
 7.a Primary caretaker gives insufficient emotional and psychological support .01
 7.b Primary caretaker is overly strict with the child .11*
 7.c Primary caretaker is very dominant .24***
 8. Primary caretaker has a history of abuse or neglect as a child .06
 9. Secondary caretaker has a previous or current alcohol or drug problem -.05
 10.a Characteristics of children: delinquency .04
 10.b Characteristics of children: developmental disorder/intellectual disability .06
 10.c Characteristic of children: mental health problems or behavioral problems .02
  1. Note. * p < .05; ** p < .01;*** p < .01