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Table 7 New set of items (CFRA and experimental items that are uniquely associated with future reports of child maltreatment)

From: Detection of unsafety in families with parental and/or child developmental problems at the start of family support

  Item Responses Risk score
1. Current intervention focuses on neglect No 0
   Yes 1
2. Number of prior interventions, investigations or reports (for neglect) None 0
   One or more (general) 1
   One or more for neglect 2
3. Current intervention focuses on abuse No 0
   Yes 1
4. Number of prior interventions, reports investigations (for abuse) None 0
   One 1
   Two or more 2
4. Prior injury to a child resulting from child abuse or neglect No 0
   Yes 1
5. Primary caretaker’s assessment of incident Not applicable 0
   The fault lay with the child 1
5. Primary caretaker provides physical care inconsistent with child’s needs No 0
   Yes 1
6. Primary caretaker has a current drug problem No 0
   Yes 1
7. Domestic violence in household in the past year No 0
   Yes 2
8. Primary caretaker characteristics Overly strict with the child 1
   Very dominant 1
9. The family has financial problems No 0
   Yes 1
10. Primary caretaker is involved in destructive relationships No 0
   Yes, but not as a victim of domestic violence 1
   Yes, as a victim of domestic violence 2
9. Activities to improve parenting skills Performs all agreed actions 0
   Performs only some agreed actions 1
   Performs practically no agreed actions 2
   Not to be determined 1
10. Participation to the intervention: primary caretaker cancels appointments/is not present at appointments Never without a good reason 0
   Once 1
   More than once 2
   Not to be determined 1
11. Primary caretaker believes that the parenting problems are less severe than indicated by the professional No 0
   Yes 1
  Maximum points   18