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Table 3 Level and change results for CRP level and overall cognition based on latent growth curve models

From: The serum level of C-reactive protein (CRP) is associated with cognitive performance in acute phase psychosis

  Baseline (I) Change (S) Relation I,S
Mean Variance Mean Variance Cov r
CRP level 2.76*** 9.70 0.98 26.52 −1.33 −.08
Overall cognition 37.92*** 60.83 0.95*** 3.66 −5.53 −.37**
  1. The model describes mean level and individual variations in baseline and change over time. The relation between intercept (I) and slope (S) describes the relation between baseline level and rate of change (covariances and correlations). Cov covariance, r correlation coefficient
  2. ** P < .01, *** P < .001