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Table 1 Child program of Family-based Mindfulness Intervention (developed by Snel, 2014)

From: The effect of a family-based mindfulness intervention on children with attention deficit and hyperactivity symptoms and their parents: design and rationale for a randomized, controlled clinical trial (Study protocol)

Session Theme Goal
1 A for attention - Establish motivation of be attentive and mindful
- Use breathing as a beginning of exploration of attention
2 Exploring our body - Introduce mindful movement exercises
- Expand awareness of body sensation
3 Tasting, Smelling, Hearing, Seeing and Feeling - Introduce the use of multiple senses in understanding our inner and outside world
4 Feel our feelings - Learn to be aware and to describe feelings
5 Accepting feelings - Acknowledge feelings of self and others
- Experience the importance of accepting feelings
6 Conscious movement - Bring attention and awareness to self and others
7 The power of awareness and thoughts - Experience the application of mindful attention and thoughts in daily life
8 Being nice is good - Consolidate learning
- Practice of lovingkindness